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GO FISH! provides youth ages 10 and up

 the opportunity to:


 Save Salmon. Explore CreationEarn Money. Encounter Christ.


Save Salmon
Go Fish! takes youth on the Snake River to fish for Northern Pikeminnow. This predatory fish is the leading cause of juvenile salmon mortality; eating millions of migrating salmon fingerlings yearly.
Northern Pikeminnow (Ptychocheilus oregonensis)
Through the Northern Pikeminnow Sport-Reward Program, the Bonneville Power Administration pays anglers $5-$8 per fish to remove Pikeminnow from the Columbia and Snake River systems. 
Explore Creation
Majestic Canyons. Rolling Hills. Blue Skies. Flowing Rivers. 
Every day is an adventure on the river Lewis & Clark explored. Keep your eyes open for an assortment of wildlife: deer, elk, cougar, bobcat, beaver, otter, coyote, porcupine, osprey, pelican, heron, snakes, lizards, turtles, and dozens of species of fish!
Unplug. Unwind. And marvel at God's handiwork. 
EARN MONEY (fishing!)
The requirements to earn money with the Northern Pikeminnow Sport-Reward program are simple: have a Social Security number, mailing address, and (for those 15 & over) a valid fishing license. Pastor Matt McNelly and our caring adult volunteers equip youth to fully participate in the Sport-Reward Program by providing: fishing tackle, bait, safety equipment, instruction, supervision, and the boat! 
Encounter Christ...On the River
The Gospels record that Jesus invited some fishermen to be His first disciples, leaving behind their boats to go "fish for people." GO FISH! ministries seeks to follow Jesus and "fish for people" by getting youth back on the boat on a journey of discipleship.
During GO FISH! trips youth learn how God is on a fishing expedition to catch them with the Love of Jesus. With St. Benedict's Rule as a guide, each fishing trip becomes a floating monastic community as the day is ordered with times of prayer, sacred readings, periods of silence, shared meals, and discussions of faith.
Open to ALL Youth!
GO FISH! is a ministry of Pullman Presbyterian Church that seeks to reach and support youth from throughout the Palouse and Inland Northwest regardless of faith background. Kids age 10 to 15 are our primary focus; they are mature enough to handle the responsibility and physical exertion of fishing, yet not old enough to have traditional summer employment. Along with individuals, youth groups and leaders from other ministries can use GO FISH! as a tool for supporting their own programs.
Go to What to Expect to learn more about our adventures. To see available dates and notify us of your interest go to SIGN UP/SCHEDULE. Read more of our story and follow the adventures on the Blog.
Go Fish!
"Getting  Kids Hooked On Jesus"
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